Puerto Venecia

Digital canvas and immersive 3D. A new DOOH dimension.

Sense of space, explosion of fluids and artistic colors..

We turned the outdoor area of the Puerto Venecia shopping center into a unique and immersive space. We designed a new Digital Out Of Home experience, where visitors are immersed in a space full of stimuli and sensations generated through different impacting contents.
We have designed different pieces of ad hoc visual content from an artistic perspective; ranging from landscapes, nature, way of life, fluids and shapes, curtains, advertisements and corporate events, etc.. And they are expanded in an enveloping way following the movements and chromatic ranges reproduced in a natural way throughout the space.
To give it a more experiential approach, we designed dynamic templates for the reproduction of real-time content and particle content with 3D perspectives and depth, which surprise visitors and cause a sensation on social networks.
In this new digital façade concept, all these contents are synchronized synergistically and in conjunction with the backgrounds and chromatic ranges of the canvas and the digital illumination of the façade and the stands; and at the same time they have the flexibility to work independently for other specific applications.

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  • Client: Puerto Venecia Shopping Center
  • Date: July 2022
  • Location: Zaragoza, Spain
  • Services:
    • Design and creative direction of the project.
    • Media Architecture.
    • Content development and production. Motion Graphics 2D. 3D Design and Animation. Real-time content. Corporate Branding.
    • Hyperrealistic/anamorphic 3D content design and development.
    • Remote and daily content management and monitoring.


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